7 eCommerce Web Development Trends Malaysia 2023

latest ecommerce web development trends malaysia

We are surrounded by a wide variety of devices and technology that make our life convenient and exciting today since we live in the digital age. It only takes a few clicks to complete these tasks, whether it’s sending a message, obtaining information, or purchasing the needed goods.

Above this, there are a lot of developments happening in the e-commerce industry every year. Business owners are keen on developing or enhancing their online stores to better serve customers.

According to Statista’s Digital Market Outlook, market growth in Malaysia is anticipated to continue in the coming years. The Malaysian internet penetration rate of 37%, or the percentage of people who made at least one online purchase in 2021, is another sign of a saturated market.

Therefore, you need to be aware of what is popular in the development and architecture of e-commerce technology right now, if you want your approach to be successful. This article on eCommerce web development trends in Malaysia provides you with a deep insight into the topic.

Why is eCommerce web development trending always?

The process of creating online portals for your company that enable online sales of goods and services via the internet is known as e-commerce website development. Simply put an e-commerce website enables your company to offer goods and services to customers online.

People now use the internet for more than just information searches and social networking; they also use it to shop, purchase, and sell goods and services. 

As we already discussed, more and more people worldwide are choosing internet shopping over traditional stores on a regular basis. This is how eCommerce web development is always trending.

What are the biggest trends in eCommerce in 2022? 

The below-mentioned list details the current trends in the e-commerce industry that you may consider incorporating while you develop your website or outsource to a web development company

Here you can find different eCommerce web development trends like eCommerce UX design trend to digital payment systems that you can wisely choose for your eCommerce site development.

7 eCommerce Web Development Trends 2022

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

As they’re more successful and useful than native applications, progressive web apps are the most innovative eCommerce web development trend that has to continue. 

PWA unites mobile and web and offers business owners advantages including a rise in average conversion, an increase in mobile traffic, increased engagement, and improved customer experience.

2. Outsourcing of IT

Even though it may seem out of place on this list of eCommerce web development trends, COVID has caused organisations to focus more on enhancing the customer experience rather than squandering their time and resources on back-end data. 

Without a doubt, outsourcing professionals to handle your eCommerce web development project will guarantee you have a feature-rich, highly functional, and effective application.

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3. AR/VR

Customers miss the in-person product inspection experience as a result of COVID-19’s decrease in actual store visits. If you want to engage clients with your business effectively, blending AR/VR (Augmented reality / Virtual Reality)is essential.

For instance, visiting a physical store is no longer necessary in the field of optics. Simply visit the online store to view the glasses of your choosing in just three clicks. Users of virtual reality are submerged in the virtual world in a similar way. 

People are able to explore their prospective homes without them actually being there by using a virtual reality headset for real estate. This amazing technological achievement will play a crucial role in the top mobile commerce trends.

Companies employ augmented reality considerably more frequently on e-commerce sites than virtual reality since the latter requires a VR mask to be fully immersed, while the former only requires a camera and screen.

Due to its accessibility and usability, we believe that augmented reality will be utilised on websites and in e-commerce far more than virtual reality.

4. Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps

For a number of reasons, mobile shopping is becoming more popular worldwide. The majority of individuals carry their mobile devices with them wherever they go, from the office to the rest room, is one of these. 

Shopping on mobile devices is also made simpler by easy-to-use app shopping experiences and the widespread use of mobile wallet services like Grab Pay and Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet.

Mobile is crucial for first-time business owners because it has been discovered that small stores have greater mobile conversion rates than major retailers.

Your company could lose out if you don’t take mobile devices into account when creating your eCommerce platform development plan.

5. Voice Search

Since its introduction in 2011, voice search has experienced unprecedented growth on the internet. Oral searches now make up more than 30% of all web searches. And this is not surprising given that people write only 40 words per minute on average while speaking 140 words per minute. 

Using voice search has grown more practical as Alexa and Google Home gadgets have become commonplace in homes and workplaces.

Voice search purchases are democratising and increasing in popularity in the world of e-commerce.

The benefits of this new trend in ecommerce are:

  • Quickness of execution
  • Time Saving
  • Assists with searches in challenging circumstances (while driving, working at home, etc)
  • The answer is instantaneous

By incorporating voice search eCommerce technology trends into the creation of your mobile or online applications, you may improve the quality of your website, increase its visibility, and drive more visitors to it.

6. Chatbots

This method makes use of artificial intelligence to comprehend the customer’s needs more fully. Companies are using it increasingly frequently to establish interactive spaces with their customers.

The chatbot provides clients with online shopping tips and guidance to help them with a variety of tasks and operations without having to put a person in front of the screen.

There are several benefits to using chatbots, which is one of the greatest web development trends for eCommerce:

  • Operates continuously, round-the-clock, every day of the week
  • A prompt response: addresses frequently asked questions without delay
  • Offers customers advice that arise tailored exactly to their needs to increase sales
  •  Improved targeting: Gathers data to better comprehend customer preferences

 7. Page Loading Speed

One of the most important benchmarks for web development is lightning-fast load speeds. For many years, a website’s loading speed has been an important ranking and conversion element. 

Page speeds are more crucial than ever for website results, particularly with the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals algorithm upgrade in 2021.

Most web browsers anticipate that a website will load rapidly, and the interval following a link click shouldn’t be longer than two seconds. If it takes your website more than three seconds to load, you’ll probably lose visitors who won’t return and who you won’t be able to maintain. 

Developers must understand how to create websites that are light and quick to load in order to assist their eCommerce clients in achieving top ranks in search results.

Follow eCommerce Trends For Bright Online Selling Future

Globally, online shopping has grown quite common, making it simple and practical to shop. Businesses can now choose from a wide range of eCommerce platforms to build the greatest websites. For any other CMS technology, you can choose qualified developers to build exceptional eCommerce websites.

To establish a contemporary and feature-rich eCommerce website, you must adhere to the most recent web developments

In order to stay current with the newest web technology as we approach the year 2023, it would be fascinating to observe new eCommerce web development trends and incorporate them into your website.

FAQ on eCommerce Web Development

How secure is Kaamugu’s e-commerce website development service?

We have highly experienced web development staff who understand the importance of ensuring high-security levels for eCommerce online stores where transaction security and personal information safety are crucial. We use advanced security protocols to prevent identity theft and to ensure complete protection of transactions.

Can I build my own eCommerce website?

If you have expert knowledge in website building you can easily develop an eCommerce website. If you have medium-level knowledge you can use website builders or CMS systems.

What is needed to develop an eCommerce website – Important Steps

You have to choose your preferred eCommerce platforms.
You need a domain and hosting services to showcase your website online.
You need an eCommerce web developer or a web development agency to build your site.
You need to customize your site and add your products.
You need to add payment gateways and shipping settings.